About Pear Tree Poultry

About Pear Tree Poultry

Pear Tree Poultry originally started as a small family run business of chicken enthusiasts. 

Several years ago, I decided to convert part of the garden at home to a vegetable plot, and added 3 chickens, getting ready for a few eggs. Little did I know, that the venture into the Good Life was soon to expand from 3 chickens to about 1000+. The hobby proved very rewarding, and gradually I started to become more experienced and began the exciting phase of breeding and having the eggs turn into chicks. I then started to supply other beginners with hens, houses and advice etc, to the point where I decided I might as well try to do this properly, hence the development of the website etc.

I soon began to outgrow my little plot, and in the summer of 2010 I moved premises to 2 acres of farmland in Woodplumpton, Preston. After a succesful twelve months, the business grew beyond all expectations. Then, out of the blue, Guy Topping from Barton Grange garden centre took an interest in our little business, and suddenly we were on the move again. We are now in an idealic setting at the rear of the garden centre flanked on either side by the river and the canal.

We now breed and have on show about 40 rare breeds, but the availability of the rare breeds should be confirmed by telephone or e-mail before ordering. All our hybrid hens are available all year round, and are fully vaccinated and will start laying within a few weeks of settling into their new home. We now have a dedicated insulated incubation room, with all our incubators and hatchers fully operational.

From knowing absolutely nothing about chickens, we gained experience in so many ways, and yes, we made some mistakes on the way. This is why we feel we are ideally placed to help and advise other like-minded people on the road to chicken heaven. As we are a small business, any questions are dealt with by the same people who feed, water, clean, collect the eggs, breed new offspring and, most importantly love the hens.

I (Ken) tend to be there most days of the week and Saturdays. We now have permanent staff Tayler, Emily and Naim plus a few volunteers and work experience students, who are always willing to help you out with lots of advice.