IMPORTANT NEWS : We offer four courses on Poultry Keeping.

For more information on our courses please call us on 07808 661873 or fill in the contact form below. Please see below for course dates.

COURSE 1 - Basic Introductory Course to Keeping Poultry 

This course provides a basic introduction for all those embarking on the hobby of keeping poultry, possibly for the first time.

COURSE 2 - Incubation, Hatching & Rearing Chicks

This course provides help and advice in incubation, hatching & rearing chicks, including egg preparation, broody hens v incubators etc

COURSE 3 - Origins of the Species & Genetics of Poultry

This course provides an insight into the origin of the species and then goes on to explain the fascinating subject of genetics; including details of what to expect when you mix colours and breeds, and how to start your very own breed and colour.

COURSE 4 - Rare Breeds, Conservation & Poultry Shows

This course provides an interesting look at the status of pure & rare breeds; how to identify breeds on the critical list and how breeds aspire to be recognised as 'pure'. The course also covers the world of showing poultry including how to prepare for shows and what judges are looking for according to breed standards.

The courses are delivered by one of our experienced members of staff : Ken and Freya. Some of our volunteers are always on hand to offer extra help and advice.

Our knowledge is also based on our own first hand experience and information gained from other sources, who have an interest in the welfare of the hens. The beginners course is designed to give anyone who is thinking of keeping poultry on a small scale or for a hobby the basics of what to do and what not to do!

The courses are run in a very relaxed atmosphere and we will encourage all participants to get involved wherever possible to make the course both enjoyable and informative. You will be able to see and, in some cases, handle the full range of hens available in a pleasant free-range environment. You will be able to look at some of the housing options we have available and see samples of feed, bedding and accessories.

The course will include some light refreshment of tea, coffee, soft drinks and cakes, in our training room at Barton Grange garden centre, Brock, Preston.

The course will cover the main topics of the subject matter, and there will be ample time to ask questions which may not directly be covered during the course.

All courses are £15 per person. Any children of 8yrs and below are FREE, but must be accompanied by an adult. The courses are limited to 12 people attending per course. The courses are available on Saturdays between 10am and 12pm. Full payment must be made prior to the course, please contact us for details or phone for availability first.


Course 1 - Basic Introductory Course to Keeping Poultry 

WEDNESDAY 8TH JULY 2015 10am-12pm



Course 2 - Incubation, Hatching and Rearing Chicks Course



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