Customer Comments & Feedback

Customer Comments & Feedback



" Just a note to say thanks for the two black rocks we bought yesterday - we certainly didn't expect two eggs today - now that's what you call 'point of lay'. Also happy to say our broody speckledy is sitting on the legbar eggs fluffed out to twice her size. Once again you have delivered and then some. It is always well worth travelling from Ulverston for our hens - John Bailey"




"Thank you all for a really interesting and informative course today. We both thoroughly enjoyed it" Incubation, Hatching & Rearing Chicks, Terry & Ellen, Blackburn

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help today with the black silkie. We really hope she is ok and are really grateful for all your advice, and we will let you know how the blue laced windots and copper moran eggs go! Once again we really appreciate your expertise and experience!"
From Terry and Ellen, Skipton


"Hello, We called Tuesday afternoon and purchased four hens form you, (blackrock, warren, sussex &amber star). Just wanted to let you know that after our initial disappointment at there not being any calder rangers left, we are absolutely delighted with the four lovely ladies we did get, espescially the very cheeky amber who made our minds up she was coming home with us! All have made themselves at home and are a credit to you as they have clearly been well treated, showing no fear and in great condition. Thankyou very much for the friendly and helpful service and gorgeous hens." From Diane & Martin Manning, Blackburn

"Hi I just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice today on purchasing chickens for our daughter's birthday. Eddee is absolutely delighted with her purchases (now known as Bob, Mike and Keith) and all 3 have settled well in their new home. Thanks again and we will make sure we pay you a visit in June to meet your chicks". Lisa, Southport.

"Dear Pear Tree Poultry, We came to your farm on Saturday and managed to purchase 2 fabulous chickens for us first timers! If you remember us, we took a sussex and a bluebelle and we wanted to write and let you know that they have settled into life down here in Warrington really well! We've even managed to harvest 7 eggs already! So they must have settled in ok! Thanks very much - your advice was much appreciated. Anyway, we just wanted to say 'Thank you' and we're enjoying our first few steps into the poultry world!!"
From Chris and Jules, Warrington

"Hi Ken & Claire, Thanks for your help and patience, all seems well with our new additions.The dog is jealous, the kids appear delighted.  My wife now has aspirations for a "walk-in" run, so some wood butchering coming up for me!"
Ron, Leyland

"Hi Ken, I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Pear Tree Poultry and I hope that you have recieved the card that I sent. I would love to return in the Summer and help you in any way possible."
Alison, Preston (work experience)

Hi Ken & Claire, just to let you know that 13 Wyandotte eggs hatched out of 15, and they are all beautiful, good strong chicks. I'm very happy with them. The two that didn't hatch were both gold partridge and had been abandoned for a day by their mother, she sat back on them later on but I think the damage was done!best wishes for now, Claire, Manchester

"Hi Ken & Claire, Just to let you know....the white star layed an egg 45 minutes after being introduced to her new coop..nice start.
Brian, Bolton

"Hi Ken & Claire, Just to let you know that the 6 partridge wyandotte and 6 six buff sussex i collected all hatched successfully yesterday 100% again.I will be back in touch when i need some more."
Many Thanks, Paul Foden

"Ken & Claire, I’d just like to say thanks for the excellent course last Sunday. We all found it very interesting and helpful, Elsie is still talking about the baby chick she stroked! We would like to purchase some hens from you, however, the first opportunity for us to be able to get up to Preston will not be until Saturday.Thanks again"
Simon, Claire and Elsie

"Ken & Claire, the little Wyandotte that I bought from you 5 or 6 weeks ago to introduce with a silkie I had been given is doing great! She is a really sparky little thing, and has paired up well with the Silkie. I am absolutely delighted with her."
Kate, Cleveleys

"Good morning Ken & Claire, Thankyou very much for arranging delivery of your bantams, they are the best quality ones I have ever bought.
The Barnevelder is quite something & drawing the crowds already, the gold laced Wyandotte has come out with her boxing gloves on and is taking on all comers, even the cockerel! It has been a pleasure doing business with you"
Yvonne,Holker Hall

"Hi Ken & Claire, My brother in law is delighted with the 5 Black Rocks. Someone else on his allotment wants to start keeping chickens. They want 4 Black Rocks."
Regards. Dave, Blackburn

"Hi Ken & Claire just to let you know chickens have settled in really well. Out and about all over the place. They helped in the garden this afternoon. And they have laid 3 eggs since sat.So thanks a lot kind regards"
Wynne and Frank Holmes, Manchester

"Hi Ken & Claire, We would like to say a HUGE thank you for the chicks. The girls love them to bits, and say its the best  ever. The chicks are doing really well, we only lost one the one with the splayed legs. We have also put one of the chicks with our silky and all is going well.Because of you this as been the best christmas! and we cant thank you enough.Kind Regards"
Daniella and Mark

"Hello Ken and Family, Our chickens we got from you at the beginning of October are still happy and healthy, getting bigger everyday, despite the wet weather.  They have a 'spa' in the greenhouse where they can dust if it is too wet outside. We see each character coming out now and we think at least three are laying now, not plentiful, but they go to roost at 4 and are not willing to get up before 8.30!!  They enjoy a varied diet, alongside the layers pellets.  Here are some, raiding the flower beds in the sunshine. All the best for Christmas and the New Year"
Ian and Pamela Haynes, Southport

"Hi Ken and family, First of all I would like to thank you for the time you took showing John and I the ropes on Sat - it was an interesting experience that led to my purchase of 3 hens. PS I have named them Ginger, Posh and Baby cos of the colours!!! The Spice Girls have settled in very well and are thoroughly enjoying foraging in the rather large pen that John and I have spent 2 solid weekends building"
Julie, Westhoughton

"Thanks every so much for your help and advice today Ken & Claire.We’ve already had 2 lovely green eggs.Will be intouch when Im ready to get my silkies.Regards and thanks again"
Hayley, Ormskirk

"thank you very much for the eggs i collected. after 22 days under our bantam cross broody we now have 5 light sussex and 1 silkie day old chicks. 100% hatch rate. i will be in touch again when i get another broody. many thanks"
Dave, Houghton

"Hi Ken & Claire,Thought I would let you know I collected my Practical Poultry magazine today and they have printed a picture of Lily that I sent to them so she is the second silkie to be a star which has come from your stock!! She is doing well and is a right mother hen she rounds every one up at night to go to bed she is always last in, although I have managed to get my hands on a frizzle Poland that I wanted but she has been naughty this week as she does not like the newcomer I have had to put a temporary fence up to keep them apart but its early days yet……"
Regards Kris Jackson


"hi, I recently purchased some hens and a cockerel from you and we are over the moon with them. we originally bough four and added a white star and a speckeldy and they are fab. we have plenty of room and was wanting to add a pair of silkies, preferably broodie ones as we would like some chicks"
Stu, Liverpool

 "Many thanks Ken & Claire. The 'girls' are safe and sound in their new home. I couldn't believe how well they behaved in the car on the way back, much better behaved than my kids used to be! Thanks so much again."
Best wishes Jan and Laurie,St Helens

"Hiya Ken, What a great new hobby - we are loving it. The 3 bantams are really enjoying being on grass. The Chocolate Orpington cross Silkie or should we say Molly - took some dried mealworms from my fingers last night."
Jim, Preston

"Hello Ken & Claire, Just to tell you that I have 4 lovely golden Silkies from your eggs last July. Somehow I ended up with a buff sussex cockeral as well(from another seller, I think) so would like to give him some hens of his own"
Jean, Dorset"

"Just to let you know we had 4 out the 6 hatch.Fantastic!!,"
Lesley, Bucks

"Hi, I candled the eggs last night and all are fertile. However 1 had an early death, most likey postal damage. Thank you. "
"Hello. Just a quick message to tell you that all 6 Buff Sussex bantam eggs hatched this weekend. Very pleased. Thank you! "

"I just wanted to tell you that spot on day 21 and we have chicks. So far 3 fluffy ones and two chipping their way out, not sure about the sixth. My kids are delighted. " Helen, Ballymena, Antrim

"Hi Ken, very pleased that 10 of the 12 appenzeller eggs hatched under my broody, but she discarded the first chick that had
hatched. So I have 9 'punk heads' chasing around. Every one that has seen them thinks they are so cute." Sandra Smith, Bolton

"Hi Ken, Clive and I really enjoyed the course today and it has given us the confidence to handle hens, know everything we wanted to know on this hobbby and now oddly enough I am wishing away our holiday in 2 weeks so we can return to collect our girls from you.
The support and after care you offer is exceptional. Thank you" Anna and Clive, Wigan