Hybrid hens

Hybrid hens

Hybrid hens are bred from large commercial strains developed in the 1950's due to increasing demand for supermarkets to provide a constant supply of eggs and meat. These strains started life as a cross between two or more pure breeds, each strain selected for maximum laying ability or weight gain from a minimum food supply.

Fortunately the battery hen days are over and the popular choice for many people now is to 'grow your own' and keep a few hens for your own fresh egg supply. Hybrid laying hens would make a good choice for this purpose. We keep 16 different colours for a bit of variety and all have a similar docile friendly nature. They are disease and cold weather hardy and will (usually!) not become broody. Hybrids live for 3-5 years and will lay around 300 eggs in their first year. They are of a medium size somewhere between large fowl and bantam.

All of our hybrids have been vaccinated against common diseases at day old, 6 weeks and 12 weeks. We always have Point of Lay (POL) hens available, these are between 16-20 weeks old. Younger birds and day-old chicks can be ordered in advance. All our livestock carries a 14 day guarantee, should anything happen to your birds within 14 days of purchase, we will replace (where possible) with a bird of the same breed, age and sex, (some exclusions do apply).


Our hybrid hens

Rhode Star, Amber Star, Black Rhode, Bluebelle, Calder Ranger, Daisybelle, Speckled Star, Sussex Star, White Star, Buff Barred, Rhode Red, Mottled, Splash and Partridge. We also have our own coloured egg layers Barton Blue (blue/green egg) and Barton Brown (dark brown egg)