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EU Commission for Rural Development. .

APPENZELLER SPITZHAUBEN BREED SOCIETY. We are pleased to announce that Benjamin Shepherd has registered the Appenzeller Spitzhauben breed society with the Rare Poultry Society. This means this fantastic breed will once again have its own dedicated 'club', which will hopefully develop with breeder's days, shows, photgraphic competitions etc. PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE and register your name to join this society. Thanks to Benjamin for all his efforts and hard-work, we shoud be able to raise the profile of this (Kens favourite!!) breed.

GROOVY HOOVES - Provides adorable minature ponies for your party or event for a unique party experience. Visit the website at or call Kelly on 07846 845 276.

PEAR TREE POULTRY is listed in the Allotment Vegetable Growing website as an approved breeder. clink on the lick for more info:

POULTRY KEEPER is a hobby site run by a small group of poultry keeping enthusiasts. Here you will find over 500 articles and lots of useful resources on keeping chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and other poultry together with a  poultry forum to ask questions.

HAPPY CHICKEN COOP is a a blog and it discusses issues raising free range organic chickens. It provides lots of information for anyone thinking of raising backyard chickens info at

GUINEA FOWL is a hobby site run by Andrew Nelson, locally in Newton-Le-Willows, so for guinea fowl go to:

KEN'S OTHER BUSINESS INTEREST : If you are looking for a creative, quality, affordable solution for your kitchen, bedroom and study... the answer is simply INSIGNIA 143-5 Garstang Road, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 3EB tel : 01772 909090