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Our recent customers may have noticed some of our pens are suffering in the winter weather. We're sure some of you are struggling with the mud too! Today we finally gave in and moved our hybrid ladies indoors as a temporary measure, to keep them clean and dry. We have also started to treat our muddy pens with Poultry Care ground sanitiser. This has proved to be a great way to dry up the sticky mud and start the pens' recovery for spring.

We now stock Poultry Care and Nettex sanitiser products for indoor and outdoor use in our shop. We have 500g, 5kg and 10kg options for a small or large flock.

Bring on spring!


    Saturday, June 24, 2017

    We have 23 types of our Hybrid hens now in stock : Rhode Star, Black Rhode Rock, Bluebelle, Daisybelle, Amber, Buff Barred, Speckledy, Calder Ranger, White Star, Partridge Leghorn, Partridge, Rhode Red, Barred Sussex, Partridge Sussex, Lavender Link, Blue Splash, Buff Susex, Gold Speckeldy, Mottled Leghorn, Sussex. All at £18 each and also coloured egg laying Hybrid hens Barton Brown (dark brown egg various colours of hens, Maran based), Barton Blue (blue/green egg layer various colours of hens, Legbar based) and Barton Green (green egg layer Araucana based) at £20 each