Pure Breeds

Pure Breeds

We are passionate about our pure breed poultry and are commited to breeding the best quality we can. Where possible we have obtained our breeding stock from winning exhibition bloodlines and we are always working to improve each of our breeding pens to consistently produce birds to the required Poultry Club of Great Britain standard.

Understanding the genetic makeup of each breed and colour is something that really interests us and helps in making the best selections possible. Throughout each breeding season we hatch, rear and select the best birds to make up new breeding pens for the following year.

The breeding season starts as early in the year as possible but is usually dictated by when the hens start laying; January, Febuary would be a good start. We use a mixture of broody hens and incubators and hatch around 900 chicks each year. Once in the thick of the breeding season, from April to October, we could have 250 chicks in the 'chick shed' at any one time. This is a delight for children so please feel free to bring them along for a visit.

Due to the nature of the breeding season we usually only have pure breeds for sale at 20 weeks old from July onwards (and have usually sold out by November!). We have found it very hard to keep an up to date list of availability so if you would like to purchase a particular breed and colour then please contact us by phone or email. If you don't have anything specific in mind then please feel free to visit and see the birds for yourself. We would be happy to talk to you about all of our breeds and advise the best ones for you.

All our livestock carries a 14 day guarantee, should anything happen to your birds within 14 days of purchase, we will replace (where possible) with a bird of the same breed, age and sex, (some exclusions do apply). All birds over the age of six weeks are sexed (where possible) to the best of our ability, however, due to the vagaries of nature, mistakes can happen and we will gladly replace mis-sexed birds within 30 days of purchase. Some breeds are more difficult to sex and may not be sold, if in any doubt. Birds can be bought 'unsexed' at buyers request, but the returns policy will not apply to these purchaes.

Below is a list of the pure breeds we keep, we will aim to create a page for each breed with information on history, standard and breed club; along with pictures of our birds. Availability on the pure breeds may vary from time to time

Large Fowl

Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Brahma, Cream Legbar, Orpington, Marans, Tolbunt Poland (or Polish), Rhode Island Red, Silkie, Welsummer. Barnevelder, Vorwerk, Lakenvelder, Sussex, Wyandotte, Campine


Ancona, AraucanaOrpington, Pekin, Poland (or Polish), Sussex, Thuringian, Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red,  Houdan, Wyandotte, Silkie,