The Welbar is a light, rare British breed of bird that is alert and active. They are the autosexing version of the dark brown egg laying welsummer breed. They are available in large or bantam, though we only keep the bantam size at Pear Tree Poultry. Welbar hens will lay 160-200 terracotta to chocolate coloured eggs a year.




  • Dark egg laying bird
  •  Bantam 
  • Rare breed 
  • British
  • Active 
  • Autosexing – males and females can be identified at day old




Welbars were created by Mr Humphreys of Eastwrey, Devon who thought of the idea in 1940. He contacted Professor Punnet (Breeder of the cream legbar) for advice. Following the legbar process, chicks from the initial welsummer x barred rock were hatched in 1941. Cockerels from this mating were then bred with welsummer hens to produce gold and silver welbars simultaneously. The breed was recognised by the Poultry Club of Great Britain in 1948.


UK Breed Standard


Both sexes and colours of the welbar should have a medium sized single comb, yellow beak, red eyes and bright red comb, face, wattles and ear lobes. Legs and feet should also be yellow. Gold welbars should have a gold head and hackles with females having black striped barring with white and males having some black ticking if any. Males should have black barred tails; females should have brown-grey and faintly barred tails. Bantam Welbar males should weigh 900g while females weigh 745g.


Breed Club


The Registrar, Autosexing Breeds


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