Hatching Eggs & Hatching Equipment

We sell surplus Pure Breed hatching eggs at £12 for 6 plus postage. Please check availability before ordering.

Postage and packing rates for first class recorded mail £6.00 for 6 eggs, £9 for 12 eggs. An extra £1.50 for special next day delivery

Our rare breeds list of breeding stock includes Appenzeller Spitzhauben (Gold, Silver, Chamois, Black, Blue), Silkie (White, Black, Cuckoo), and bantam Barnevelder, Buff Orpington, Silver Laced and Blue Laced Wyandotte, Large Fowl : Rhode Island Red, Cream Legbar, Welsummer, Brahma (Gold, Dark, Lemon Pyle, Buff Columbian), Orpingtons (Black) Poland (Gold, Chamois, Tolbunt), Thuringian (Silver, Gold, Chamois). Our breeding flocks comprise of 8 unrelated birds, in a ratio of 2 cockerels and 6 hens.

Hatching Egg prices are parcels posted. Eggs can be collected in person.

Please note that we only sell hatching eggs which are believed fertile. The hatching eggs are tested by our own hatching schedule regularly throughout the year. We only sell eggs where we have achieved 'reasonable' results ie minimum 50% fertility. Buyers should be aware that eggs are live product and are susceptible to external influences over which we have no control. As such buyers must accept full responsibilty for their 'live' purchases once delivered. They must accept full responsibility for the incubation process they choose. We do offer a returns policy, which allows buyers to return any eggs which candle infertile up to day 10 of incubation (which relates 12 days from date of receipt), if more than 50% candle infertile. These are the terms and conditions accepted by the buyer on purchase.

Hatching Equipment prices are collection only.